5 Ways to Earn More Income with a Book

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Have you been thinking of writing a book for years? Maybe people hear your story and tell you all the time, “You need to write a book!” Maybe you just know you have a story people need to hear.

You should write a book to share your story, but becoming an author should also help you earn more money. One of the best ways to position yourself as an expert in your niche is to write a high-quality personal memoir, business memoir, or “how to” book that shows off your knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Everyone has a story worth telling and knowledge to share, but all too often, authors write their books, publish, and sit back to  . . . crickets.

Without a plan, your book may turn out to be no more than a souvenir for family and friends, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can use your book to increase your income in many different ways.

5 Proven Ways to Earn More Money by Becoming an Author

1. Focus on book sales before you finish writing the book.

Marketing your book should start well before your manuscript goes to press. Social media is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to generate interest in your book. You can share your journey as you go through the writing process, have friends and followers vote on different options for your title and your book cover, and share quotes from your book. Invite people to join your email list so they can be the first to know when your book launches.

As you move into your launch phase, amp up your promotions with online contests, giveaways, and challenges to engage your followers and get them excited about your book release. Remind them of what your book promises to deliver and how it will help them transform their lives. Offer them the opportunity to pre-order the book while they’re enthusiastic about it.

2. Create a digital course based on your book.

Even though people buy books with the best intentions, statistics show that most people don’t read more than the first third of a non-fiction book. They still want and need the information, but for whatever reasons, they never finish reading the book.

And then you have the readers who devour every word and immediately want more from you. You can satisfy both of these audiences when you create a digital course based on your book.

3. Develop a coaching program based on your book.

When you publish an engaging memoir or “how to” book, a percentage of readers will become your raving fans. They’ll show up at your book signings in different cities, click on your social media videos, and share your posts.

And they’ll pay top dollar for the chance to work with you. By using the content of your book to create a group or one-on-one coaching program, you’ll give your most loyal readers the chance to achieve their dream of working with you, getting your feedback, and taking full advantage of your expertise.

4. Create a certification program based on your book.

Certification programs aren’t just for large institutions anymore. Anyone, including you, can create a program that provides a body of knowledge, tests the participants grasp of that knowledge, and issues a certification of competence. You decide on the standard participants must meet and maintain. And of course, they pay you for the privilege.

5. Kick off your speaking career with your book.

Many event planners and conference bookers want speakers who can show up with something to sell at the back of the room. Give your beautiful book cover a place of prominence on your speaker’s sheet. It will give you more credibility as an expert and make you stand out from the speakers who haven’t written a book yet or who have an amateurish book cover image.

Some organizations will ask you to speak for free, but give you the chance to sell your book to the right audience. Others will be willing to purchase copies of your book for all attendees, giving you guaranteed sales before you walk through the door.

Whatever the case, unless you’re receiving a large speaking fee and the event producer has a strict “no sales” policy, you should negotiate for an opportunity to sell your books on site.


BONUS: As you’re writing your book, include mentions of your products and services within your content and share a link to your sales page. Sprinkle the links throughout your manuscript so it appears in the beginning, middle, and end of your book. That way, almost every reader, even those who don’t finish the book, will be exposed to the opportunity to enroll in your course.

Remember you have a book in you, but your ability to earn money with it doesn’t stop with book sales. Your book can be the basis for a business that allows you to create multiple income streams and finally earn the kind of money you want to earn.


  • Shannon CheDon Ward

    This was right on time for me!! Thank you!!

  • Bridgette Lewis

    I’m almost there. I’m excited I talked with Anita today from WBTSN about my E-book conversion just got my venue for my book signing.

  • Great suggestions! Having a book is more than just book sales. With the help of social media, my book became a #1 best seller before I printed one page. I also get lots of request to speak at conference, radio/podcast, and even TV as a result of being a published author.

  • Charlotte Robinson

    I need assistance on some things concerning my book. I have questions.

  • Tanya McLean

    Hello, do you recommend using a ghost writer? If so, any recommendations? Thank you for your words of encouragement and advice.

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