How Women Can Immobilize Fear And Self-Doubt

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Fear and self-doubt are unquestionably two of the most common success derailers for women who want more in life.  Fear is nothing more than an internal energy, and every woman has the personal power to choose how that energy is expended. Some women allow fear to challenge them, stretch their thinking, and chauffer them into new doors of opportunity whereas other women allow fear to diminish their momentum, breed procrastination, and keep them stagnate. And still others become paralyzed by fear because they have a strong aversion to failing which causes them to resist moving forward with their goals, aspirations, and dreams.

It is a natural human tendency to shrink back when you experience feelings of fear since fear generally serves as a defense mechanism against things that can harm you. But it is critical that you distinguish the difference between fear that prevents you from harm versus fear that unnecessarily restricts your life. Just think about a time when you experienced feelings of fear as you were embarking upon a new venture or executing a new idea. Maybe you were considering starting your own business, enrolling in school, or applying for a job promotion. Undoubtedly, fear initially made you feel apprehensive and made you question if you should move forward. Perhaps you thought to yourself, “Can I really do this?” “What if I exert a lot of time and energy into this venture and it fails?” “What will others think if I don’t succeed?” If not immobilized, fear and self-doubt WILL prevent you from the exciting and enlightening possibilities that life has to offer you.

It is your job to refuse to allow the voice of fear and self-doubt to be louder than the voice of possibility. This will require a mindset shift – what you think, what you believe, the words you use, and the thoughts that permeate your mind. That means some work is involved. You must fuel your mind with positive affirmations that you have everything it takes to achieve what you set out to do in life. Continue to fuel the bold, courageous, and tenacious part of you that is willing to interrupt your norm. Remember, greatness is waiting for you to show up and it’s up to you to bulldoze over fear in order to get to that greatness. Make an intentional decision to spend more time focused on your ability to achieve your goals, to overcome challenges, and to persist in the face of unexpected barriers.

It is also important to acknowledge that fear always lingers when you’re stepping up to play bigger and to reach your fullest potential. It will consistently try to talk you out of stretching into spaces that are unknown, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable but can potentially put you on a path to achieving great levels of success in your life.

To immobilize your fear and self-doubt, in addition to fueling your mind with positivity, it is also important that you implemnt the following five steps:

  1. Remind yourself that you are enough: Do not give fear and self-doubt permission to run your life. Focus more on what you have than what you’re lacking and play up to your strengths to get closer to your goals and aspirations.
  1. Face your fears instead of running from them: The more you run from your fears the further you distance yourself from your destiny. Allow yourself to feel the fear but take action to pursue your goals anyway.
  1. Embrace failure as information learned: Fear of failing keeps many women stuck right where they are. Therefore, instead of viewing failure as a permanent statement, view it as a temporary status that teaches you a powerful lesson each time.
  1. Upgrade your internal dialogue: Every day, speak positive affirmations over your life. Do not allow negative “head trash” to permeate your words or thoughts.
  1. Connect to a community of like-minded women: Do not try to immobilize fear and self-doubt on your own. There is power in numbers, so connect to a community of other mission-driven women who can help to empower you to stay committed to your goals.

Remember that everything in your life is a choice. Today, I challenge you to immobilize fear and self-doubt while you CHOOSE to avail yourself of the unlimited doors of possibility and opportunity!


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