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The Earn More Money Movement for Women, is a FREE personal finance, career and entrepreneurship challenge created by the Money Maven, Patrice C. Washington, to help every woman embrace her God-given gifts in order to earn more money using 20 proven principles.

During the Earn More Money Movement for Women, you’ll receive a daily lesson via email for a period of 25 days. The principle of the day along with reflection assignments and suggested exercises, are designed to help you accomplish five specific objectives …

Earn More $ Objectives

1. Face Your Fear

You’re too fabulous to not go for more! Together, we’re going to learn how to do it afraid!

2. Rock Your Gifts

You were born with something special. Use it or lose it, honey!

3. Establish Your Value

You bring a lot to the table. No more hiding. Let’s flaunt it!

4, Negotiate Like A Ninja

Who can say “No,” to your boldness and confidence, girlfriend?

5. Maximize Your Money Maker

You’re making more, but let’s make sure we manage it wisely.

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Doors Will Re-Open Equal Pay Day 2018

Our Goal for You

We know that for families, the gender wage gap alone can make the difference between living below or above the poverty line. Having access to more money means funds for recreation and vacations or having none. There are mothers who desire to buy healthy fruits and vegetables for their young ones, but being financially restricted results in unhealthy diets and premature health concerns. An increase in capital means having access to high-quality child care, schools, and colleges, or only being able to afford poorer quality alternatives or no pre-kindergarten or post-secondary education at all. And for some women, financial independence literally makes the difference between life or death if you’re experiencing any level of domestic violence.

Our goal is to simply help women earn more money so they can finally achieve financial freedom and live lives they desire and deserve.

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